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Spring Warm Up Horse show

Every so often, I get an request from someone to have fun at a horse show and to capture images from a performance at a show. This show is a the first one of the season, a warm-up run to see what the competition is like. This one was at the C Bar C in Cloverdale, IN.


Salute to Fashion Show

Each year, Antonio Fermin puts on a fashion show to showcase several designers in the area including a few student designers.  Included in the designs were Bernie Martin, Nikki Blaine, and Antonio Fermin designs. The show started with a salute to our armed forces.

Here are a few select images from the 2013 Salute to Fashion show.













This is a shoot with Mariah underwater from a while back. Due to business insurance liability requirements, I am no longer able to shoot underwater. Even so, I thought everyone here would enjoy this post of Mariah underwater. The last image is Mariah’s twin sister, Morgan, trying to see what we are doing underwater.

If you are interested in more images like this, wander on over to the Underwater Fashion site where they have a lot more images and commentary on underwater fashion photography.






And the picture of Mariah’s twin sister:

UV Shoot with Mariah

This set of UV or ultra-violet images were shot a while back with Mariah, but I hadn’t posted them. The painting on Mariah was done by both Morgan, Mariah’s sister, and me. Amazingly, these were shot at a local park where we had an electrical outlet for the UV lights. The very last image shows what Mariah looked like in normal light.

Other UV images can be found at a tutorial with Nika as the model or another set with Paige as the model.

And the one image in normal light.

These are select images from D’Lamont’s 2013 Spring Fashion Show, Couture Allure: The Urban Walkway, on 1 Mar 2013 at Reverie Estates in Indianapolis, IN. Makeup and hair by Bang: a salon. Custom designs by D’Lamont.  Additional clothing and props by Minx. Other contributors include Derek Hill, 111 Bakery, Reverie Estates.

The Infamous First Post

Welcome to this Blog! I am glad you are viewing it. This blog is intended to be more photography based than this particular post. For this post, I will include some links to our sister blog site with images from shoots posted there. Future posts here will include a brief description of the post and images.

Notes from Nebraska  – A brief look at a few images shot while vising my relatives in Nebraska.

The Exotic Feline Animal Rescue Center – Some images shot of big cats while at the Exotic Feline Animal Rescue Center in Brazil, IN.

The Morgan County Fair (2012) – Images shot late in the evening at the Morgan County, IN, fair.

Broken Doll Shoot – Images shot in a haunted house where the models portray broken dolls.

Reflections of Buildings – Images of buildings being reflected.

Bridal University Fashion Show – A regular show presenting information of weddings and having a wedding, Bridal University, has a fashion show. These outfits are all from Antonio Fermin of A Step Above Bridal in Zionsville, IN.

UV Photography Revisited – More UV body painting with the wonderful model Paige.

Christmas at the Zoo – Images from the Indianapolis Zoo’s “Christmas at the Zoo” program.


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