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The Studios

XOIND Studios is a fine art photography and contemporary portraiture studio specializing in portraiture of people and animals. Other types include events, fashion, glamour, model portfolio development, commercial, and editorial photography.  On a limited basis, XOIND Studios is available for architecture, real estate, and product photography. We are a one stop photographic stop providing concept, location, makeup, hair styling, actual photo shoots, post-production and graphic art work, image ordering and delivery. XOIND Studios also provides model mentoring, posing direction, and guidance to models in their career. Our photographers, makeup artist, and assistants are available for hire or mentoring.

XOIND Studios stands for creating custom and unique images for our clients that represent them. We will not create cookie cutter images that look like every other client’s images – this also means we aren’t out to serve as many clients in a day as we possibly are able. We typically only have a maximum of two clients a day so our attention is focused on you, our client.

More Information and Booking

More information on XOIND Studios can be found on XOIND Studios web site. Examples of XOIND Studio’s work can be found here on this blog, the Flickr site on the right column, or in the XOIND Studios web gallary.

XOIND Studios is available for booking private photo sessions, modeling work, and modeling guidance. We can be reached at “info at”, the XOIND Studios web site, or any of the below online web sites.

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